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wedding shoes


I’ve been wanting to show you these since I bought them last autumn and I LOVE them!

They came in the post from the Irregular Choice website and I thought they were beautiful.

It was love at first sight.

For those of you who don’t know, I had a blue and white polka dot theme.

Everything was polka dotty!

Even my shoes!


We removed the amber bows, and added white flowers on them (which I don’t have a photo of right now, but will get onto as soon as the decent ones come back!).

What do you think?

Take care,


PS – the wedding was a major thing for me so there will be more posts about it in the future!


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2 thoughts on “wedding shoes


    i love it when brides have totally cool shoes. one friend had doc martins under her massive frothy dress 🙂 i had some fabulous boots with little heels and pointy toes! but yours are just perfect 🙂

    CAN NOT WAIT to read more about your wedding!

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