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Dear beloved,

I’ve told you to check my blog today.  I know you don’t regularly; preferring to let me have some space to write without immediate judgement.  Today is a different day.

Today I’ll smile reassuring smiles at you and keep you from harm.

Today I will stick like glue to your side and whisper the names of people you have never met before,

Today I will look the best I have ever, and probably ever will.

Today I will concentrate on not spilling my food, and not drink as much tea as I normally do.

Today I will say words dear to my heart because I want to whole world to know them.

Today I will hold your hand tightly and ache for the moment when we can have our first kiss.

I’ll giggle as we shuffle round the dance floor, and look at you adoringly with every glance.

I’ll let you use the sharp implements, because being accident prone and in relatively high heels it’s a drama waiting to happen.

I’ll miss you until we meet and try desperately to be there on time.

Today I will show the world that we are as one, a couple, a unit, a family and nothing can shake that.

I will look with true love at your adorable son and be proud to be in his life.

I will push that ring on your finger, by hook or by crook!

I will be joined to the man of my dreams.  To the one who believes in me, the one who sees the inner me who I want to be, who sees my potential and thinks I am beautiful even with yesterday’s make up and amywinehouse hair.  The man of my dreams who exceeds every expectation that I could ever have had about the man I would be with forever. 

My soulmate.

My best friend.

My forever-after.

To the man who made me believe in love in a time when love is a hard thing to find and hold on to.

There is only one thing left to do.

This is where you come in, beloved.

Despite my wild mood swings, my near constant exhaustion, my long work hours followed up by working weekends, my yarny obsession, my spendthrift ways, my debts, my weight and health problems, my deicison to live a life based in voluntary simplicity and my accident prone tendancies, you seem to love me.

So there remains a question to answer.  I’ll be there to marry you at 2pm today.

Will you?



Author: Zoe

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