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In the past week I have:

…Seen a dead hedgehog, a dead rabbit, 12 live cows, 6 live donkeys and a troop of horses.
…Been overtaken 9 times even though it’s been foggy/I’m doing the speed limit/it’s dark/animals roam/it’s rainy
…Started to worry about next academic year as the pressure has really been piled on and I am genetically programmed to worry.
…Purposefully ignored my email from the venue telling me that the cost had been calculated wrong and the wedding will be more expensive. I will open that tonight… *scary mary*
…Had terrible lower back pain as my adult chair at school was taken when i had my op. I have demanded it back for health and safety.
…Had wake-me-up-in-the-night throat pain and coughing. I suspect tonsilitus – I could be wrong.
…Tried to be more positive, and failed miserably!
…Had the honour of hosting a guest post by MollyMakesDo! Read it, it’s fabulous!

Take care,


PS – what have you been up to this week? Share, share, share!


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