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Can you believe it’s the end of half term?  How did that happen?  I’ve got to steel myself to go backtowork which is something after 2 weeks of sick leave and a week of halfterm that I will find hard!

backtowork also allows me to regroup, and work out what I have/haven’t done and what needs to be done (especially as I get wed 6 weeks today!).

backtoworkalso means backtofinances and the realisation that I still have £500 on my credit card and in true superscrimper/Bank of Mum and Dad esque style, I’ve upped my repayments in order to try and clear the debts by Christmas.

Upping one payment necessarily requires me to lower other financials and as a result I’m back to £50 a month spending money.


So as I’ve already spent £29.99, I have a challenge of making £20.01 last 20 days til payday.  I also need to buy a ring box, I’m considering a fabric bouquet to toss at the wedding, and I owe beloved £20 for the redirect renewal… 

My plan of action is to have as many £0 spend days as possible, and to try and work out some extra fun, free ways to spend (haha) my time.  Often that is hard because even a trip to the park involves a £2 parking charge and petrol …  So it means lots of home time (cool) and knitting up stash (I can deal with that) and maybe even playing with my fabrics and baking with at home ingredients! (i.e. not going out to buy them!).

Wish me luck!

Oh and if you have any hints or tips, leave a comment below!  I do so love to hear from you!



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