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diamond jubilee – how a nobody spent the 4 days

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This is how I, me, a nobody, spent the long weekend!

There was a trip to inspect our roses in the garden.  So many!  So beautiful!

I went to knitting group, and I knitted on a dress for my colleague’s baby due in September – until my needle snapped!

And my first installment from Skein Queen Club arrived!

I went for lunch with my mum and brother,

and exchanged my spotty Cath Kidston bag for a new one as it had discoloured on the back for no reason (much kudos to CK who exchanged no quibbles, despite it being a christmas gift and having no receipt.  They may have sold out in my opinion, but I still love the messenger bags, fabric and general style, and now the customer service too.)

and I bought some summer shoes, seeing as I had 2 pairs – one with the lining coming away.  Fit flops no less!  They actually kinda do work too, which is flabbergasting.  And they were in a Clarks outlet so they were reduced.  Everyone (quite literally) at work wears them so now I can be in the gang… should I wish (no).

We read for a long time, a number of times – a real treat.  I read magazines and travel guides (see previous post!) and beloved caught up on industry magazines and MusicTech his hobby magazine of choice (not compulsory cup of tea).

I baked!  Scones, and a different day cinnamon rolls.  Who can resist the smell of hot cinnamon?????

We had belovedstepson over and we went for icecream on a bleak and dreary beach then for hot drinks and an adventure playground (what could be more British??).

We watched the Jubilee concert and listened to some of it on the radio, installed a water butt, met the hotel wedding photographer and had a signature board shoot, spent 2 hours in Homebase (a DIY store) where I got 4 baskets for crafty storage or blankets:

and had a barbecue.

Really lots of little things that meant something to us – Britishness such as scones, bacon baps, family time, tea (lots of), pottering, barbecues, gardening, Cath Kidston (!) and for me – a little knitting.

God Bless the Queen and long may she reign!  Looking forward to the next Jubilee!

Take care,


PS – did you do anything for the long weekend?


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