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books 11 and 12, 2012

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More books, and another genre!

This time I am doing a joint review of

book 11 – Prague by Eyewitness Guides, and book 12 Prague, City Spots series published by Thomas Cook.

I am preparing for our honeymoon by reading some guide/travel books!  They are making me so excited to go!

The eyewitness guide was brilliant as it really does show you so much detail in the photos, but it is so heavy and big – and we are going to 4 cities! 

The pocket guides that the City Spots series produces, I first encountered when we went to Tallinn, Estonia in 2009.  We got this guide free when we booked with Thomas Cook and it was indispensible.  I loved it. It was small enough to git in my handbag and became our main source of info.  I read it as beloved snapped pictures and hmmed and ahhed in the right places.

I am in process of reading the other 3 books for our tour that I ordered in from the libraryr – all city spots series.  I rate them very highly.

Only downfall is that currently I can’t find an eversion for beloved’s kindle, which would have been ideal – less luggage!

Have you any travel book recommendations?

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