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Since my operation on 21 May I have only left the house twice.

Once to walk to the postbox and post my sick notes.

Once to drive to the library, collect ordered books, and drive home.  To see if I was up to driving, no pains this time so I think I’m healing!

I didn’t enjoy either trip.  The former had lots of school run people about and I kept thinking they all were talking about me and our fence (paraNOIA!!).  The latter had lots of people, and since having a letter from my insurers telling me that although the horse ran infront of my car, I am the negligent driver and therefore bad person, I felt totally stressed driving the 3 minutes to the library, and 4 minutes back (one way system increases return but walking would take 30 mins each way cos of 2 big hills).

I wanted to be home again.

I always thought I would go stir crazy at home all the time but I actuallyloveit.  I really do.

In our little nest there seems to be a sort of protective bubble.  Work doesn’t upset me, the neighbours, life in general, I feel just content and happy.

My new routine goes a little (flexibly) like this:

6.45am say goodbye to beloved and get up, get dressed and sort some washing out.

7.30am Open all the windows to air the house, put the washing on, have some breakfast and make a hot drink.

8am take hot drink upstairs and fire up computer.  Check emails and blog including reading others, do wedding bits, nothing to stressful until 9.30am (cued by BBC Radio 2 breakfast show ending).

9.30am hang washing out.  Sleep on sofa.

11am knit a bit, read a bit (normally a magazine), tv a bit, dependent on energy levels.

1pm lunch.

1.30pm clean one thing (Tuesday I cleaned the hob, wednesday I dusted the ground floor, thursday I tidied and decluttered the dresser, friday I hoovered and immediately slept after!)

2pm knit a bit, read a bit more of a mag or 2, tv a bit, dependent on energy levels.

3pm sleep on sofa

4pm hot drink and knit a bit, read a bit, tv a bit, dependent on energy levels

6pm or after beloved gets home and the evening routine starts.

Beloved says I’m making quite the housewife.  I just love being at home.

Such a wonderful word.  Such a wonderful place.


Take care,


PS Do you celebrate or enjoy being at home?



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