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When I was a kid my friend Kate had a pop swatch watch.

I thought, at the grand age of 8, that everything she did was fantastic.

I immediately wanted a pop swatch watch.

It was big and clear and mine was a groovy teal and lime colour and I think it had a space theme.

After incessantly begging my mother for a few months I was granted with this treasure for my passing an entrance exam to my brother’s school that had recently gone co-ed.

I loved it.  Scrub that. I adored it.  So much that I popped it in and out of it’s holder so many times in my lessons, and often found myself motioning to classmate neighbours to kick it back over to me when it so often fell on the floor.

The watch I wear at the moment is a fossil watch that beloved bought me for my 26 birthday.  It is beautiful with silver circles that link round to make a bracelet.  It is perfect.  Only now I’m a teacher, I need to be stricter and clearer with the time.  My current watch only clearly defined position “12”.  Nothing else.  It’s a little hit and miss whenw e make playtime.

So I find myself hankering after another pop swatch.

So clear.

So big.

So… expensive!

I went on to ebay to goggle them and I couldn’t believe it – £99.99!  for a second hand watch with no battery???

So I headed over to the official pop swatch site – which I assume is for an out of date company as only nearly new watches or older are available,

me oh my I love them:

Image of Pop Swatch 'Better Red 1987'


 This was the one Kate had… (£75)

Apparently they are collectors’ items now.

Who knew?

I just can’t afford one, but oh boy if I could!

Take care,


PS have you anything on your wish list?


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