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Over on my bloggy friend Cheryl Marie Knits she has invented a rather genius monthly event.

She does a marathon of knitting.

Yes you read that right, she knits for 26.2 hours over 2 consecutive days to give her knitting a real push!

She blogs throughout the day about it too.

I’m hoping to join in this month too (although I may spread it over 3 days due to my surgery recovery).  It starts today!

I’m going to do this every month that I can, although my dates my differ due to work commitments.  I can’t wait to see my knitting productivity fly!

If you do swing by her blog, let her know you came from here!  I’m trying to persuade her to do me a guest post!

Take care, keep knitting – and if that’s not your hobby, find some extra time to do what’s dear to your heart instead!


ps – leave a comment and let me know what your hobby is!


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4 thoughts on “knit marathon

  1. I hope you are feeling better after your surgery! If you got any knitting done that’s just a bonus!!! Have an Awesome Day – I’m on my final push this morning.

  2. I managed 2 squares for my blanket over 2 days! this anaesthetic is still making me soo sleepy! Any colourwork decisions? Zx

  3. Ooo, I just found your blog through A Beautiful Mess. Glad to find a fellow knitting nerd. I crochet mostly, but anything with yarn is awesomeness!

    • Wow! Thanks for stopping by! I’m a yarnie, trying to knit and crochet from stash – but it’s hard to resist temptation sometimes. I’m sooo slow though! I love the mess blog! I adore her unique stamp on her wedding too! I so hope I can get my stamp on mine too! Thanks so much for stopping by, and commenting! It’s an honour and a privilege! Hope to hear from you soon! Zx

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