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Thursday was a funny old day.  As usual I planned to do

<—————————————————this much—————————————————–>

and managed

<–this much–>

I had Thursday off work as I had my preop appointment for my Monday operation on my “ladydownstairsarea” (which I tend to say in a whisper/mouthing in a comical voice with exaggerated eyebrow wiggling and mouthing of the words).  They swabbed my nose and groin to make sure I don’t have MRSA, told me that I am considered fit – hUlLo??? I am morbidly obese on every other scale??? – that I definately still have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (never knew it was in doubt) and was told that every indication shows I have Endometriosis, but Monday is to make sure.

They tried to take blood, and due to my Raynauds Phenonenon – bad circulation and constant whinnies of but I’m CoLd!!! – pronged me 4 times before success.  I now have an impressive blue/purple bruise in the middle of my right forearm.

They told me that I might have to stay overnight and to prepare for that. (Can I take my knitting and teddy bear?).  They told me I would be off for 1week to 2 weeks.

Then they told me that I ought to be considering trying to conceive like, yesterday, sharpish, get on with it woman! And I am a prime candidate for IVF.

I’m not sure that a)I’m growed up enough for kids, b)we could afford it c) if I want them or d)whether the Registrar thought that Sim’s opinions come into it as the prospective sperm donor, but I know that extra hormones for this already hormonal woman probably ain’t the way forward.  My own personal belief ****note disclaimer**** is that if my body combined with Sim’s “input” can’t create or sustain life (other than hideous bacteria and viruses of course) then that is evolution, survival of the fittest, whatever.  It’s just not destined to be.

I believe in a woman’s right to chose.  Whether she gets pregnant, stays pregnant, or strives by any means necessary to become pregnant.  I just don’t feel that at the moment artificial interference is right for me.

Especially 9 weeks before my wedding.

4 days before my operation

and whilst I also try to look for a new job.

It would make my brain go … *PoP!*

Take care, and keep in good health,




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