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Well hullo!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been trying to give some consistency and purpose to my posts recently (no, not evident?), with good thing february and moneywise march.  Well in the future I also plan a handmade christmas month (November?) and august or september to be wedding review months, depending on when we get the photos back. 

May comes before all that though and May is destined to be Medical month.

I’m having an investigative operation mid month and Sim and I have decided to see if we can identify my migraine and IBS triggers a bit clearer too.

So yesterday, I stopped eating bread to see if that will help the stomach cramps etc and although they have lessened, they are still prevalant so I’m wondering whether after a week of no bread, I can completely exclude sugar too.

My migraines are triggered by oranges, chocolate, soft cheese, stress, tiredness and my period.  Normally it’s a combination of the above, and I am on preventative medication.  I’d just like to be a bit more in control as they are so diabilitating when I get them, it’s like a disability and I live in fear of another attack.

I’m also going to give my Slimming World diet a big push too now that the birthday month is over!

I’m hoping to write more about both IBS and migraines so I feel more informed and in charge of my body.  I’ve already started as I took an IBS book out the library on Saturday which has already clarified my thinking.  I love it already as it has suggested 30minutes relaxation time a day!  Yay!  Actually, less flippantly, I wouldn’t be surprised if my IBS was linked to my internal constant anxiety.  The book suggests that a lack of relaxation and any anxiety can be a recipe for Irritable Bowel Syndrome success.  It also links IBS to depression as some symptoms crossover such as: lethargy (check), tiredness (check), and stress (check).  See how much I’ve learnt already!

So Medical May begins, and hopefully a healthier and slimmer me will result!

Take care,


PS – why don’t we get on top of our medical conditions together? If you want to come along for the ride, let me know!  Let’s get medical together!

PPS – obvs don’t just do something random and strange that will affect your health adversely, and if in doubt contact your GP.

PPPS – if you have any theme ideas you want to read about let me know below!


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