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Contrary to all the indicators, I am still knitting.  Occasionally.

A little here…

…a little there…

a sudden long burst last week when I was poorly and couldn’t leave the sofa…

this “Evening wrap” from my vintage patterns reworked book seems to be the never-ending cardi.

I knit a row, purl a row, knit a row and repeat all 3 ad infinitum.

and it seems to grow and such a slow pace.

It’s knit in one piece – a t shape – that by some wizard knitting origami might turn into a bolero shrug.  You never know!

Other knitters would have done 12 jumpers by now.

So I know I got distracted by the happy blanket and the thank you scarf.  But that’s not masses of distraction now is it?

and I started it last October.  October! OcToBeR!

It’s May in a minute.

and still I knit a bit here …

knit a bit there…

singing the never ending story song to myself all the while (secretly changing story to cardi of course!).

Take care


PS – watch the video.  Seriously, that dude has amazing hair.  It’s short, long, blonde, brunette, a not really beard and rubbish lip-syncing.  He’s got it all!


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