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A new week, and another new display!

Our topic this half term is “minibeasts”  or “bugs” as my children like to refer to it.  We now have a Bug Zoo role play, with caterpillar eggs, a spider sack and web, snails, and wormeries and a digging tray with soil in instead of sand… but more about that later.

Now we are talking about my classroom/zone display.

I asked the children what they wanted on the wall to do with bugs.

After the initial “dogs”, “my mummy” and “my doggy” (enough with the dogs already kid e!) they decided they wanted a house with a garden and flowers so the minibeasts could live on them.(look at that beautiful lace as a cobweb – genius!)

Couldn’t have thought have a better display idea myself!  So we obliged.  That very afternoon they made the garden (the college student did the house and pond) and the next afternoon during my PPA they made the minibeasts.

They were a tad hard to display.  Seeing as they were 3d on a flat wall.  But many staples later we have a display.

A beautiful child initiated, child created display.

Bless ’em.

Take care,


PS – at the risk of sounding like Heather Small of mmmmmpeople fame – what have you done today to make you feel proud?

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