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30 things for being 30


In my 30th year I would like to:

  1. get to a healthy weight
  2. redecorate my bedroom
  3. redecorate the hall
  4. knit 2 cardigans
  5. knit a blanket
  6. buy 5 dresses
  7. read 25 books
  8. save as much money as possible
  9. use my tricycle every week
  10. grow my own vegetables
  11. declutter the dining room
  12. sort my health issues
  13. make outdoor bunting
  14. have 4 barbecues
  15. have 4 picnics
  16. sort out the Making Shed to make it viable to make in!
  17. decide how to store my craft bits and bobs
  18. sort out the understair area (easier when the wedding paraphenalia is gone!)
  19. build up my fabric stash
  20. make 3 skirts
  21. collect 2 more aprons
  22. sort my working arrangements in the spare room.  How is that gonna work?
  23. develop my blog.  get some guest posts
  24. enjoy being a homebody and the reassurance of the word “home”
  25. attempt crochet (again)
  26. try and sell 3 more items on etsy
  27. cut my hair short (again)
  28. dye my hair
  29. get married! whoopee!
  30. Go on honeymoon! (squee!)

Not much eh?

Take care


PS do you guys make lists of things to do between birthdays? What’s on yours?


Author: Zoe

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4 thoughts on “30 things for being 30

  1. I usually write things on my list after I accomplish them. That way, I’m sure they get done and I feel a sense of achievement that I may not get to feel if I’m faced with a list of thirty things that I’ll probably never get to. For instance, I planted eight onions yesterday. So, now I’ll write that down and immediately mark it out. I know it’s weird, but it works for me. Good luck on your list! Happy 30th year! I’m on 30, too!

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