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I know, I know! Where have I been? What took me so long? Apologies for the absence. Let’s say no more about it? Done.

So in my absence I’ve been,
… Buying a new car (on finance – gah!)
… Attempting to lose weight
… Reading 3 magazines and finished a book!
… Starting, undoing and restarting and undoing a new project
… Following a diversion on the mainland side of my journey, and then being diverted off my diversion
… Planning the big easter family meal I am hosting
… Worrying about turning 30
… Having a wedding hair and make up trial that made even me think I was beautiful
… Trying to look normal with half my eyelash inserts in and half fallen out the day after
… Enjoying sunny days with beloved
… Taking my trike out for bike rides with said beloved
… Getting excited by the number of small jobs he has done in a day (new washing line, curtain tie back hooks up, phone moved, barometer up, washing done, patio cleaned, composter stirred, garden rubbish removed, his wedding ring ordered!!)
… Not sleeping and getting progressively more tired.
… Trying to decide what to do re job/ new job / no new job
… Deciding to be more positive
… And less gossipy
… Demanding cuddles from beloved
… Trying a new medicine which is increasing my problem rather than reducing it.
… Spending money. Mainly on petrol. It’ still rubbish though
… Marvelling at beloved’s ability to sort out my finances and find extra money for my car payments.
… Hanging curtains in the dining room and prettifying the dining room and second bedroom
… Getting my head around my RE coordinator role… I know!
… Being graded as a “good” teacher

I wonder why I’m so tired…


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