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Things I would have written on my facebook profile if I hadn’t given it up for lent…

  • Bye bye overgrown forest of ivy, digger man is here!
  • Car vs horse. Horse won. Byebye car.
  • Ooh… My garden appears to have evaporated.
  • Car shopping when not really in the mood is soul destroying.
  • 5 year No claims bonus – how I miss you.
  • Yay for fencing! Never thought I’d get excited about fencing!
  • Have not bought wedding rings, nor a honeymoon. Have spent much time mooching about trying to do said jobs though.
  • Bow in my presence, % am the new subject lead for RE. In a church school. With my 1yr training and 1yr NQTing. Praise be.
  • Sleep. Why have you deserted me?
  • Simon is magical. Where did he find that extra money in my budget for a car? Why didn’t i have it before for yarn?
  • Been for a ride on my beee-u-tee-full blue trike. Complete with helmet. Squee!
  • Anyone got any surplus seeds, seedlings, fruit bushes, or bulbs? I can give them a good home!
  • 132 days til I get wed. 131 days til i meltdown.
  • My body does not want me to lose weight. Every fibre of my being wants a chicken passanda with rice and naan. Nom nom.
  • Bunny, it is not ok to chew daddy’s shoes.  If it is a choice between daddy’s shoes and mummy’s yarn – it’s ok to choose daddy’s shoes.

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