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february’s resolution review

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  • ride a trike at least every other weekend for a proper trip out (30mins minimum)

Well this Sunday and last Friday (the one in half term) we went out for little rides.  I got scared to death free wheeling down the hill we thought wasn’t a hill on the friday and had to do a lot of pushing, so hey, at least I exercised! Afterwards my legs ached for days

Then Sunday we went for a leisurely pootle down to Tesco Express (other corner shops available, but not on the flat and near me and open on a Sunday after 4…) picked up the supplies we needed to take us through the week (and I bought some Easter eggs for the future as they were a bargainous £1.25 each!) and pootled back home. 

I l-o-v-e-d it.  Truly I did.  I got funny looks and we had to work out how to chain up a bike and a trike to… nothing, though it was a tiny hiccup in a trip of loveliness.  Yay! 

  • bake something for Simon’s lunchbox every week

I have been combining this with “baking every week” as an easy way to kill 2 birds with one stone.  On the whole he’s enjoyed it I think.  Banana muffins and chocolate muffins being my 2 goto recipes – but a success I think.

  • try one new recipe a month

I’m a bit ahead of myself here as I have now tried 2 more recipes!  After the success of Nigella’s Chicken Cacciatore in January, I made lamb kofta’s with couscous (from the good housekeeping tagine recipe book) which we loved, and I even created a jus to go with it – oh yeah, I did!!  Then I made the Morrison’s onepot chicken.  It was a little dissappointing, but you never know until you try.

I haven’t made much creative progress this month.  My two ongoing knitting projects (both for me, shockingly) are quite big – a cardigan and a blanket of 126 squares and even though I knit on them as much as I can, progress is slow… Hey ho my back is mending now and it feels positively springlike at the moment.

I’m almost proud of myself!


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