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Unravel 2012

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Ooh it was soooo goood!

It was fabby in fact.

It’s the little touches that make the difference here.

Knitted tea cosies and egg cup covers on the cafe tables,

threads strong in the rafters,

knitted balloons.

Knitted welcome signs,

and tonnes of independent designers and dyers tauting their wares.

Rude not to oblige I think.

Ooh it’s just so perfect.

Yarn, patterns and notions bought: 2x Easyknits Big Boy in Petrolhead to make Ruth & Belinda’s honeycomb coverup; 2x Skein Queen enchant (one in a beautigul silver blue and one in an oatmeal colour) to make something beautiful… 3 wooden buttons and a green heart toggle which inspired me to make a capelet at some point… Wenda Barlow toy pattern by, and Ruth & Belinda’s Pearly Queen scarf pattern.


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