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I’m writing today’s post yesterday…er… it’s friday now…. help, I’ve lost it…

Ok so I’m a little overexcited as I’m at Unravel, the knitting, yarn and general yumminess festival and I’m planning on spending a small fortune (£25 from christmas money and £50 from bed money – although if I can save any of that I’ll put it to my credit card debt, so that may be an incentive to exert control…) on squishable delectable yarn.

Mum and I have been every year since it started (4 years ago?) and it’s now a tradition of coffee and no cake, followed by initial browse, followed by lunch, followed by the exhibition and purchasing, followed by tea, followed by a little more perusing and umming and aaahhing before a toilet stop and home!

I cannotwait!

PS of course I’ll post what I buy at some point!

PPS can’t wait to see skeinqueen and alabamawhirly and the easyknitter stand and ooooooh!


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One thought on “unravelling

  1. hey there sunshine… and I saw a picture of one of our designs… Honeycomb Cacoon – let us know how you get on and please spread the word about conversations over knitting – – keep doing what you do you do it beautifully xxx Belinda (of Ruth and Belinda)

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