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giving up


Yup, that’s it!

I’ve had it!

I’m giving up!

Just joshing – I’m talking about Lent, of course!

I’m going to give up: 

cake (oooh…)   ,

biscuits (eeeee!)    , 

facebook  ,


waste.  Wasting time, money, effort and resources.

I think that for some people this seems weak and easy, others stringent and silly.  For me however, I think it will be enough to kick start my weight loss, improve my finances a little and stop me wasting time and precious resrouces or money.  If I can save just £20 towards savings or recycle a little more, then that’s a good thing surely?

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted!

What are you doing for lent?


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2 thoughts on “giving up

  1. Hi, loved reading your blog, it cheers me up after a long day at school. What’s all this about not being able to cook pancakes? Sounds like you had a bad experience at some time, but now that you have made them again, I’m sure pancake phobia has left you and you can go onto bigger and better pancakes in the future. Hope to see you at the Maltings, take care and well done with the sacrifices you are making for lent. Mine stops at sweets and choc, hard enough for me!!!

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