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Good thing #20 is that I sold my bed!  £100 richer.  Well £90 because I decided that me, beloved and stepsontobe deserved a treat so we went out for 2 cups of tea, a carton of ribena and 2 slices of chocolate cake.  Beloved and belovedson love chocolate cake.  You can see it all over their faces.

I scoured the charity shops for jugs (which I want to collect to use as vases.  Somehow I find flowers in a jug much more pleasing) and baskets – I do love a basket, and I’m currently searching for one to house the paper present bags I keep to reuse so about 50cm x 20cm x 15cm, and open.  No joy so all I bought was a 99p book from Oxfam for belovedson. 

Beloved popped into one charity shop on the off chance they had a mirror he could use to help him out of the garage, and got the perfect one for just £3.95.  No fair!

Still I’m relishing the space that selling my bed has created.  Positively a dance floor in the bedroom.  and I can see the carpet in the 2nd bedroom!

Soon I shall have a dedicated space.  A space to ponder, to wonder and to blog.



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