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Love is…

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Love is…

  • Insisting that your cold blooded beloved wear your own cosiest socks to keep them warm…
  • Waking up early and getting to work by 7.10am (an hour and fifty minutes early) so that you can drop your beloved off at the station/terminal…
  • … And then staying an hour and a half late to pick them up.
  • Leaving a love note in my hairbrush the day we moved in so I could remember I am loved.
  • Eating the experimental meals that don’t quite plate up as envisioned…
  • … And the ones with added charcoal
  • Putting the electric blanket on, knowing that you yourself will be overheating, and also knowing that your beloved will benefit…
  • Gently reminding your beloved that her tea has gone cold due to internet usage.
  • Spending half a day curtain shopping then agreeing to set up your wedding gift list, even though you are dead beat and desperate to go home.
  • Never complaining that dinner is almost always a minimum of half an hour after it’s planned arrival.
  • Coming to hospital appointments for moral support.
  • Understanding the yarny addiction and positively embracing it…
  • Knowing when a migraine is coming, trying to prevent it, calmly reassuring your beloved for the duration and having the power to cope with all the consequences.
  • Enabling the yarn shopping…
  • always thinking of your beloved’s safety and wellbeing before your own, despite reassurances otherwise.
  • Coping with the constant nagging involved with jobs for the wedding/ house / garden…
  • …and the meltdowns they all incur.
  • giving your beloved self confidence and genuinely loving them for who they are.
  • doing the hoovering even though you have a bad back because you “honestly enjoy it”
  • asking your beloved to marry you, in an impossibly romantic way and tell them you can’t bear to be apart from them, that you need to get married to them and that you’d marry them then and there, in the rain, one knee in a puddle and in scruffy jeans and anoraks if it could be so…

Thank you beloved Sim for showing me what, for us, love is.


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