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I don’t normally post about projects until they are finished – I prefer a tadaa, as you never know how lo-o-o-o-ng it has taken me to do it.  Seriously it takes me ages.  I’m a slow knitter and then with not much evening and weekend free time, so:

slow knitting + no time = an absolute age to complete a project.

Yet, here I am, about to divulge my latest project.  and not just any project a lo-o-o-ng project. 

A blanket no less.

I’m not joining the hexi-puffing craze.  Some people are having to knit 300+ hexagons.  You know who you are.

No I’m making squares.

Sad really.  But squares nonetheless.  Simple, beautiful, happy squares. 

I’ve done 8 now, but as I’m doing them randomly (I was using up the oddments first) and I don’t want too much of one colour together, they are in a random z shape.  Appropriate really. 

Don’t remind me that I worked out I probably need 130 for the size I want.  I started as I love making blankets and I needed the comfort after my fall – and it’s an idea that’s been running round my head for years.  I’ve made 4 crochet granny square blankets in my time and they were reasonably fast due to the holes and for a couple of them the fact I used aran weight wool (fat wool to the unititiated).  Still I have a feeling this will be a labour of love and I love it.  I’m thinking I might put it on my stepson’s bed.  If we ever buy it… if I ever finish it….

Anyway…  the big news is that I’m falling in love with Sirdar Snuggly DK.

It’s only a “cheapy acrylic” but I love the feel of it and the colours!  There are so many!  I was like a kid in a sweetie shop!  Luckily Rah gave me 5 balls leftover from her newphew’s blanket, so I matched them and then added two more.  The most exciting (and potentially dangerous thing) about it is that my new LYS (local yarn store) stocks it.  My new lys is a-m-a-zing and has masses of Sirdar yarn, patterns,  a few fabrics, loads of threads, ribbons, needles… Ooh it was lurverly.

Plus next door at the charity shop I picked up two yes I said TWO (so much for decluttering!) cute knitting bags for just £2 each!  I’ve never been one to actually get a charity shop bargain (although I’m buying lots of teapots for my wedding) but I shall definitely be trawling them for the home accessories on my wish list.

Anyway look at them!


and there’s a measuring bit on the pocket!

How could I leave them behind?


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2 thoughts on “new project

  1. Love love the kitty bag! Have fun with your squares!

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