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At the weekend as I wobbled, hobbled, sobbed and blubbed my way round the garden and Sim worked like a Trojan for 3 hours clearing a patch in the garden for the new (MASSIVE) compost heap. Aside:  we’d been waiting for it to be delievered for ages, and it was last week – just dumped on the doorstep and as I opened it to let mum leave we thought actual daleks were after us… I took down the old curtains from the summerhouse – soon to be making shed (it already has a old dining table, 3 chairs, power points, a light and general loveliness that a wooden cabin that will be my making place could have!) and put up the old blind I made for my first ever bathroom.  At the time it was too short but for this window it is the perfect size.

Unfortunately I only have a picture of it on the video camera.  When the full make over is done I shall ta daa! it.  It’s not hugely well insulated so I can’t imagine storing my stuff in there – unless someone wins the lottery and offers to make it a little more fabric/yarn friendly, plus I like being able to see my yarn all the time, but I will have a dedicated space to set up sewing machine, ironing board, iron, etc etc etc!  Plus with wooden floor it’ll be much easier to sweep up than hoover indoors.  Huzzah!! 

In the mean time I now have 4 curtains and nearly fallen off linings that are a little yellow and a little worn.  Not really my style and a lot paler than these photos suggest…

I was going to charity shop them, but seeing as I was bemoaning my lack of stash the other day, and I watched superscrimpers (my new favourite programme – along with our Kirstie) I’ve decided to wash them and see how they turn out.  They might just get a new lease of life.  Never say never!


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