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spring 1 displays – Jonah and the Whale

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So here we go with a new set of displays/roleplay (there will be 5 by end of week 3!).

This one was for our REday – Jonah and the Whale.  The children were read the story and had to think about why God was cross and what made him happy – then I extended it to what makes us cross and what makes us happy?  They came up with some pretty good ideas to be fair to them!

For the display we did bubble painted backgrounds with the kids (much fun – only 3 sucked the paint up the straw!) and after lunch made whales with split pin mouths and drew a Jonah to go in the mouth – then stuck it all down.

I had the idea to use balloons to emulate the bubbles and a large black one with fins to be the whale with a playmobil man to be Jonah.

To be fair the TA did the physical balloon inflating and placing because I just am one of the outcasts of society who can’t blow them up.  It’s sad, but true.

But I did do all the signs and put the work up, and found relevant books to make the display interactive.

I don’t have a photo of the final final display with the pictures over the door, or the ones i pinned to the fabric as my camera battery died and I’ve been off then manic since.  Still you can get the general idea. I’ll do a final one soon.

Let me know what you think!


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