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New traditions, part 2 – Christmas

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This year, due to the move and me having (undiagnosed) sinusitus (I don’t need a doctor to tell me that constant green gunk coming out and pain under my right eye like an ache for over a week ain’t right) we haven’t really done much in the christmas spirit, other than writing our cards as a multipurpose card/address change, and buying and distributing christmas presents early november (ok, ok, I thought we would be moving late november and still working so not able to unpack as super speedily as we have…) we haven’t done much else christmassy.

So next year I want to:

  • put the decorations up on 1 December, which is conveniently a Saturday (like you don’t know???) I’ve been muchly furstrated by not having any up and feeling very christmassy since November… and make sure stepson is there to “help” as only a child who will be 5 can…
  • put up some outside lights… in a tree maybe.. tasteful and white not garish…
  • enjoy wrapping the presents by fairy lights on the tree
  • make a batch of (successful) mince pies each week
  • make a christmas cake
  • try out 2 recipes from Nigella’s Christmas book
  • knit lots, by the fire which should be warm, and by twinkly fairy lights,
  • make mulled cider
  • make a christmas star biscuit tree… that made sense in my head.  A tree of piled up biscuits in star shapes, starting big and getting smaller near the top.
  • handmake all the decorations I can
  • put a garland around the stair handrail
  • have a wreath on the front door
  • and host christmas dinner, I hope, to start a few traditions of the meal and timing variety of our own…
  • handmake as many gifts as possible, without stressing myself out!
  • and listen to this a lot….

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