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I know I need to do some posts with photos, and I promise I will!  This time however is just a short note to record a memory.

A memory of such excitement.

We went out to our new local pub last night for dinner.  It was lovely in a pubgrub kind of way and all the people were super lovely and friendly.  Even though we sat right in front of the telly during a football match.

I couldn’t help worrying that without one of us there that someone would take away this magical dream of our house.  Our little nest.  My heart skippy joy.

They didn’t though.  I’m here now keeping the house warm and doing the washing until my beloved comes home from doing life admin and rescuing our hoover from our old flat, hoping that the potential new tennants they show round love the flat as much as we did.

It’s just such a magical feeling that I get living here.  Safe.  WarmHappy Cosy Home.


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