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We’ve done it!  Miraculously we have made it to our new nest and 48hours after the removal men left after dumping (sorry delicately placing boxes and furniture randomly in the right vague direction) we have nearly done it!

Yes, we need to get 4 lightshades and curtains for the lounge, hall, bedroom and boxroom.  Yes the garden is a scary place that will need to be approached with a mascheti next spring (although I’ve already identified 7 places for bulbs and trailing tomato plants!).  Yes we need to buy a washing line and a lawnmower and all manner of garden gubbins, not least of which is a compost bin..

On the other hand:

All the yarn has a place.

The bunny has a lovely new home and is hopping about exploring his new home.

The white goods have been delivered and the dishwasher (squee!!) and washing machine are being plumbed in tomorrow. 

The new fridge is full with our Tesco delivery.

The handknitted blankets are on the sofas.

Photos and artwork have been hung.

Really there is little that we need to do (barring the curtains and lampshades) that wouldn’t be general homecare maintenance.

and I am so unbelivably happy.  More than that I am content.  I walk round the house with a big grin on my face and can’t sleep at night for planning our happiness.

I can’t believe we’ve got so far as to be able to spend a couple of hours on the computer (I was checking that I hadn’t gone mad moneywise and it turns out – unbelievably – I haven’t) and do an actual blog!  Craziness.

If I had glitter to hand I would be skipping round the place scattering like a mad lady.  A mad lady with heart-skippy happiness in her soul.

Photos to follow.


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