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It’s a sad fact of life but sometimes, often, I am not enough.

I will never be enough for some people.

I will never have enough time for them, even though I freely give all the time that I possibly can.

I will never earn enough to match other’s expectations, despite earning enough to be a co-homeowner of much longed for nest, to run 2 cars, to start to save, to have cleared my debts, to have started a pension and to keep me in yarn.

I will never live up to expectations, though the sights that are set do not suit me.

I will never have enough experience, although I am 30years behind.

For some, I will not give enough presents, because to some quantity is not as important as quality.

I can never get enough of being with my boy.

I will never have enough time for my hobbies, nor sleep.

I will never have satisfied my need to learn, to better myself, to make the most of my brain, to know enough.

I will never stop needing to fill my days with enough accomplishments to sleep easy, knowing I’ve made the most of another miraculous day of life.


I will never have enough yarn…  Or fabric…


Author: Zoe

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3 thoughts on “enough

  1. This is so true – life’s too short. But there are a million things we do have enough time for….don’t you think?

    ps Hello!

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