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anniversary card – how to

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It really was dead simple to make Simon’s anniversary card, but in the interests of keeping records – here’s how I did it…

I gathered the materials required:  red felt for the heart, paper to create a template, a background fabric (I chose blue and white plaid as it was more masculine than some of my fabrics…) and of course the card.

I drew round the opening of the card on the paper and thus knew how big the heart could be.

Then I folded the circle in half and drew half a heart, which I then cut out.

I did this several times to gain the desired shape!

I then pinned it onto the felt and carefully cut round.

I positioned it on the background and spray mount glued it on, then double sided the card backing and … voila!

My card was done!

Next time if I had more time I would:

  • embellish the heart with a few stiches.  Luckily, due to time constraints I didn’t, and I know that Simon isn’t into overly fussy items so he likes it as it is.
  • Also I would have put some white backing behind the backing inbetween it and the yellow card, as it is slightly yellowed by the strong colour if you look hard.

If you are making one for your beloved – don’t forget to include a suitably smushy sentiment about how much you love them, and xyrs (4 for us) has flown by.  (For me the words were easy as I truly do love him more than words can describe and it’s truly been the best heart-skippy-happy time of my life).

So there you have it – a super fast, super cute anniversary card. 


All supplies readily available in good craft shops (I recommend investigating where your local independent one is and supporting it – of course) and bigger stores such as John Lewis and Hobbycraft.  Initial outlay may be surprising, but consider how many cards you will create for your money and you’ll see that they aren’t truly too expensive!


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