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Because you are all loving my life story (yeah, I know – it must be just riveting reading me write about not very much!) and I have stuff in my head, let’s do as at school and share the news.  It’s “talk time”!

  • my head is quite literally overflowing with ideas, news, stuff, worries.  It’s making me quite incoherent, and a little less laidback with the kids at school.  My grumps and harder line with the kid has produced more cuddles and “I love you Miss”es so … it’s a win win really!
  • we’ve been delayed with the house move twice in a week.  There’s a problem with the chain at the top, and an alternate house has been found, but it has meant the earliest we are looking at is beginning of December, but our solicitor (who is great) thinks before christmas is optimistic.  It’s made me weep, it’s made me cross, it’s made me sad, it’s made me stress and it’s made me whine.  Simon has reliably reassured and told me he is just as sad, but we are ok.  We will move.  I just worry we will lose our house.  Unbearable.
  • my first ever after school club took place today – Christmas Craft club for Key Stage 1.  I only took 8 kids as I am not a massacist and they loved it, I loved it and I was inspired to offer a craft club after christmas for ks1 again.  I had 32 sign up for the 8 spaces (mostly from my class last year!) as there are so few KS1 clubs – any suggestions for things to craft after christmas that take about 20mins for 5-7yr olds let me know!
  • I cut myself in the web between my index and middle finger making cards for the children to make their snow scene blown paintings on and it really really really hurts. 
  • I have so many knitting projects and textile projects that I want to do I’ve had to start writing them down in my filofax.  I ache to start them all. 
  • We’ve done another display at school – I know you are excited so I’m taking photos tomorrow to share asap (i love that acronym – makes me think I’m in a hospital operating theatre, maybe in america – I need those photo ASAP!).
  • On Sunday night at 3am (having not been able to get to sleep until after 12.30am) we heard a bang, then a thud and it woke us both – unheard of- and I thought we were being burgled.  No, we weren’t but after a thorough investigation of the whole flat, and me creeping out into the hallway to see if any burglars happened to be waiting to be caught (in my head they were burglar Bill types with the eye masks and stripy tops – it’s part of being a burglar isn’t it?  It must be in the job description…) and then Sim discovers in the airing cupboard the overflow part of the boiler has quite literally blown off the wall, rawl plugs and all.  So not only did I spend the rest of the night worrying and not sleeping, we’ve been off the hot water ever since.  Boiler man coming Thursday.  Hopefully after he’s held our hot water to ransom and been paid off we might have hot water by next Tuesday.  I washed my hair using boiled water from the kettle and a measuring jug in the kitchen sink this morning and I have to say that it wasn’t the most relaxed way to start the day…
  • Ever the optimist Sim says at least the boiler man can certify the boiler for when the flat is rented.  I do love that boy.
  • My body has seemed to given up due to stress.  I’m barely sleeping – tired in the day and awake at night.  My hunger is constant and yet when I eat my stomach constricts, I feel sick and or i get a burning in my stomach, so I’m eating little and often.  I think I’ll leave it there, but really I hope this stress ends soon… Unless it makes me lose weight.  Then the stomach change can stay.
  • I’m worried people wont like their christmas presents.  I’ve started homemaking gifts.  Which (as many of you know) is something I’ve longed to be brave enough to do.  I just have to be brave enough to accept the reactions too.
  • It’s time for bed.  There are ceilings to be stared at, worries to blow out of proportion and cuddles to be enforced upon Sim.

God Bless, Sleep tight, and stay tuned!


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