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I was staring at my blog thinking I had nothing to say – but don’t panic!  I’ve thought of something.  I can sense your relief from here.

I’ve read a book!  Well actually 2! 

The first was Jenny Colgan’s “Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe”

Meet Me at the Cupcake Café

It was a nice page turner.  I worried it would make me hungry but not being a big cupcake fan I was safe (I like an American muffin and doing the sharing thing for me and Sim where I take the top from the bottom and amuse him by frowning desperately as I weigh up which to eat and which to pass over.  I like a large cookie if it is gooey in the middle.  Cupcakes, however, I find dry underneath and the icing too sweet and tall so you have to have a bite of one or the other – it’s just not right.  Meet me at the large cookie/muffin cafe might not have worked as well, but might have been more tempting!).  It was a fluffy page turner that you knew had a guaranteed happy ending before you had read one word, but it suited me as it was a gentle return to the read on the commute, after a summer of crafting, not reading, and a series of false starts. 

Then I read the White Queen by Philippa Gregory:

The White Queen

I loved this book! I love the Tudor period, and Philippa Gregory and bought it blind due to those facts, not realising that actually, it was about the period that brought about the Tudor dynasty – the Plantagenets and the Wars of the Roses.  I still loved it. I want to know more.  There was a cliffhanger at the end that I could barely believe!  How can you leave it there??? Well in order to cope I quite literally just picked up the next one in the triolgy and literally started reading straight away! (although, frustratingly, it starts back in time 30years!).  I’m tempted to order the Lady of the Rivers (no3) from the library so I can devour it as soon as possible.  These fabulous, fascinating, strong female characters in times not known for them fascinate me.  I find it a real escape and I adore historical novels.

So numbers 20 and 21 for this year have been read and obviously 22 is the Red Queen, but what will be next?


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