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New Traditions

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Since Simon and I became engaged and starting planning our life together (not that we weren’t before, but it seems like it’s allowed now, seeing as he saved for a gorgeous ring and all…) I’ve been quite keen to start little traditions together.

Some are very silly.  Like how there must be knitted goodness when we watch telly on the sofa together (be it blanket or knitted goodness in progress).

Sometimes it’s as simple as the friday night that half term/end of term commences we have a celebratory half a cider and an early night as I’m usually exhausted.

I particularly want to start traditions because of my gorgeous step son Lewis.  I want him to remember the things that we do together as we have such limited, and precious, time together.  I want him to feel like he has special times with us.  When he’s older and he hears a certain song on the radio (like at Christmas) I want him to think “we used to decorate the tree at my dad’s house with this song in the background”  So we do things like make sure we decorate the flat (and soon house – I hope) on a Saturday when he can be here to help/hinder and enjoy/endure it.  Last year he was 3 and he helped daddy check the fairy lights and insisted on doing all the batteries (like father, like son…), and then we put the presents under the tree and checked they all had labels, and read the names together – Lewis (and me) getting giddy with excitement whenever (a majority) one was for him!

This year I wanted to make a new tradition around Hallowe’en.  I had planned to make autumn garlands to liberally strew around the room – but time and stress threw that idea out the window!

My mum won a pumpkin at her SW group complete with carving kit and asked if we’d like it.  And thus a new tradition was born!

Lewis drew the face on the pumpkin once I had gutted (is that the right word?) it.

He was literally jumping up and down from excitement!

Then I carved it out and we lit a candle put it inside…

and Lewis sang a song which resembled happy birthday, with hallowe’en substituted and some mumbling and blew the candle out.  Four times.  Bless. Apparently… 

I love how the childlike drawing has made a massive one eye and a wonky mouth.  He demanded, nay insisted upon, a round (insert round like motion with a 4yr olds finger) nose. 

Before he left he told me that I had to be a witch (not something as an incoming step mother you really want to hear), and daddy a wizard on Hallowe’en and that he was going to be *eyes wide and shining* a ssssssssssssgelly!  With bongs here and here and here” with rapid pointing all over his body.  I assume he meant skeleton.  He nodded wildly when I said “Like FunnyBones?” so I am safe in my assumption.  I’m not sure he fully understands Hallowe’en, nor that he really cares because when I tried to impart my wikipedia mugged up information that it used to be turnips that we carved but the Americans chose pumpkins which we adopted as part of our slow absorption to the American Way, and that the faces in the gloomy days before electricity were meant to represent faces and stop the highway man praying on travellers, and that Jack O’Lantern was so named after a man who according to folklore made a deal with the devil that he would never go to Hell, but wasn’t allowed into Heaven either so wonders the streets with a ghoullike presence, Lewis wasn’t particularly receptive.

I’m wasted on some people.

So his last words were to make sure to we were to be bessed (dressed) up for Hallowe’en, and I have to admit to lying to him (in the way we tell white lies to children on an almost constant basis – oh, just me?) saying of course we would!

What we really did was sit with our lit pie-eyed pumpkin on the balcony, warding off bad spirits, and drinking a few good ones.

I do love the start of a new tradition.


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