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half-term hiatus


Recently I’ve been a bit afraid.

You know how much I love lists right?  Tell me you’ve been paying attention!! Well in my filofax I have a list page every half term that gets crammed with jobs that I want to get done in the break.  Some are crafty, some are compulsory, most are necessary.  There are always loads and loads of bits to do.

I’m not so good at getting the balance of achievability right.

I usually have wa-a-a-ay more jobs written down than one (lazy) woman can achieve.

I am excellent at overestimation.

Then I get ill. 

I always get ill.  Z’s body: “Aah we’ve stopped, let’s put the defences down!”  This week it is a viral cough and throat infection.  In the summer it was the throat and tonsil infection, followed by the urinary tract infection because of the antibiotics.  It apears compulsory.

*cough cough splutter*

Then we got the all go for the new house.


…. hooray? …

Then I get the deep worry/realisation that we have to pack all our belongings up, meanwhile predicting things we need to prepare for and still fulfil our demanding full time jobs.  I’m not good at this bit.  The physical movement of belongings scares me. 

but it’s ok – we’ve got all of November!

oh… no we haven’t.  Mr solicitor says 11 November exchange and completion!  I say No, 11 November exchange, 25 compeltion!  No z – 11 November finish. done. dusted.



So as a natural response I have…. knitted and pretended it’s not happening.  Worried an extraodrinary amount (Simon’s post operative progress has gone backwards too so I am worrying about that as well) and done not very much of anything.  Then got cross with myself for not progressing.

Today (Friday – yeah brilliant wrong end of half term!), I am a woman with renewed verve!  I am going to have take this in hand and sort it out.  It’s an experience I need to enjoy or it will destroy! So I have…

baked a cake, done 2 washes (so far) and hung them out, collected 4 Christmas present parcels, planted 6 hyacinths, made 6 sets of bath salts (both for presents), watered the orchid, written a blog, uploaded some photos to ravelry, collected 3 bags of belongings from round the flat to donate to the charity shop, finished my mughugs -45!!- put a jacket potato in for a proper lunch, gone through my knitting books and magazines (with the aim of selling them for 10p a time at knitting group, hoping to make a few pennies) and made a list.  It’s not enough (another 19 things to go plus some…) but it’s a start!

Edited to add:  it’s now 5 hours on and I’ve deleted some stuff from the xbox (it’s not an xbox it’s a digital recorder but my mum is legendary for getting words wrong and they stick…), wrapped all the christmas presents that have arrived and hand crafted some labels and decorated some jars of bathsalts that I have made (yay!) for the TAs this christmas too…


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2 thoughts on “half-term hiatus

  1. Isn’t half term something they give teachers for them to be ill on their own time, not the school’s? It always seemed that way to me. Hope you got most of your list done?

  2. Phew – I feel exhausted and I’m just reading it!! x

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