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top 10 – things I am currently in love with

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  1. website #1 is truly original, reasonably affordable.  I just hope I remember it’s christmas shopping from me, and not for me…
  2. website#2 is another gorgeous quirky site for those of us wanting something a bit different
  3. darn it I still want yellow shoes too – how can one small item demand so much love?
  4. Simon – of course!_ how could I not include him on a list like this?  He’s getting better everyday and he spent about 4 hours yesterday helping me draw up a new budget for the house.  Things will be tight – but we’ll be together in our dream house, in a dream location.  Perfect.  Good job I’ve stashed so much yarn…
  5. this print, available here as seen in Making magazine. (I may have asked for this for christmas…) Image of Colourful Sheep Fine Art Print She also sells a cute russian doll mug, but £12 for a mug, which I’m liable to smash seems unnecessary some how…
  6. The new house.  Although I will admit to having panic attacks at the thought of actually moving.  I know when we get there it will be fantabbydosy; it’s just the interim transition that is getting to me.  For some reason I am desperate not to let the movers think I have loads of unnecessary clutter.  Simon’s rightly pointed out that actually, there isn’t any actual clutter left (apart from some school books I want to pair down).  Indeed when I was trying to work out ways to raise some funds, I’ve actually run out of things to sell.  Well there’s always a few bits and bobs, and there is still masses of stuff about, but most of it now is keeping stuff.  In a way, that feels good!
  7. Slimming World (again).  I haven’t posted my progress for a couple of weeks because 2 weeks ago I gained 4lbs (gah!), but through miracles and a forgiving body, I’ve lost 4.5lbs since so I’m back on track, whilst still being irritated with myself for wasting time.  Still I’ve lost 14.5lbs on SW and a total of 19.5lbs.  Plus I’m just 0.5lbs off my original starting weight at weight watchers when I was 16 in October 1998.  A little depressing that 13yrs on I am right back where I started – after a struggle, but this is the lot I have so no amount of whinging about it will help.  Onwards and downwards!
  8. Log fires.  Have I mentioned this before?  Will I mention this again?  Most probably yes x2.
  9. Grand Designs.  Mainly because Sim sits and watches it with me and we snuggle in close together to watch it.
  10. Planning.  I’m planning Christmas, the move, the wedding…. Good job I love it!

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