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Right now…

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Right now I am..

  • avoiding going to bed – instead I’m here, writing a blog…
  • thankful that my beloved is alive, getting better every minute and home. God is kind to me.
  • tired – but that goes with the top entry huh?
  • happy that I have a job I love (on the whole, everyone has too much paperwork and too many time demands)
  • broke (again) but not in debt.
  • excited about half term playing with fabric and making stuff (just to use it up you understand)
  • close to completing my mughug favours (40/45 complete!)
  • wishing for more time to do creative, comforting hobbies but being grateful for being on top of the mundane.
  • excited about the wedding invitation proofs and the impending move!
  • anxious about the physical packing and unpacking knowing I wont relax til we are entirely unpacked.
  • trying to declutter cos who wants to move with too much junk?
  • heading for bed – because the children deserve a teacher who is coherent during literacy…

Author: Zoe

for more info see my all about me page! tweet @zoedidthat

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