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more school displays

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Here we have an other batch of displays from my classroom at school.  (Can you tell it’s nearly open morning??)

This is my “WoW” board which is supposed to be encouraging parents to make their contributions to the profile.  None yet, but I’m going to be plugging it like mad at the parents’ evenings next week!  (For the uninitiated Reception profiles are supposed to include contributions from all sources including parents – we like to look at it like a scrap book of their first year at school).  Please note essential crochet bag. ;-P

Next is the “I am 4” or “I am 5” board.  I’ve kept it small so that the children’s photos aren’t really identifiable.  It’s on the end of the coat pegs and the children move their photos when they have their birthday.  Oh!  The joy and excitement!!

 Lastly we have the board in the corridor.  It is a collection of photos of the kids in action, models that have been stapled or sellotaped on to give it more of a 3D/wow factor (our school is obsessed with displays that have 3D/wow factors…) and pieces of writing/pictures the children have done.  You can see it from our classroom –

So there you have it.  Another 3 displays – and more to come!!!


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One thought on “more school displays

  1. Learning is fun in Reception!

    I liked seeing the boards. Interesting insight into someone else’s school. Thank you.

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