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House wish list

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My beloved and I are hoping to live in a house one day and so here is my wish list of things for our future abode!

  • an open fire.
  • parking space for 2 cars.  Sim has always ahd a parking space, and I’ve never had a space for my car other than the road.  Poor Mia (the Kia) has subsequently been keyed, dented and generally unloved.  Poor Mia.
  • 3 bedrooms
  • a nice garden with the potential to grow fruit trees and have a raised bed for some veggies.
  • a conservatory (I can compromise here)
  • a dining room
  • a little space for my yarn… ok a big spcae so that it will fit my needle/tool basket and my fabric and cushion pads too.

and that’s about all I want.  Just a place to nest with my beloved.  Somewhere I can make knitted goodness for every room.  Hang my own curtains.  Make cushions for the chairs.  Bake in my own kitchen and fill the house with gorgeous smells.  Generally live a cosy life in a cosy place.




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