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Autumn clean up

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If you look around blogland at the moment you can see that Autumn is sweeping through our lives.  I’ve written about returning to school, Lucy at Attic 24 has been decluttering and sweeping ago-go, whilst also buying some gorgeous chinese lantern flowers, and Cherry Menlove has made a gorgeous autumnal garland, which I am totally making as soon as I have 5 minutes, and of course my lovely littletreehouse has also written of the return to September routine – something about being a teacher makes you forever believe that September is the true start of the year.

I, too, am feeling the need to have an autumnal celebration.  Partly because I am a teacher and a new school year has started, and partly because I’m having one of my there’s-just-too-much-STUFF moments.  I want to make an autumnal garland, and then a christmassy one ready for the festivities.  My friend Sal, one of my TAs (Reception share 3), is helping me run Christmas Club next half term for 8 KS1 kids (are we mad?) and she is totally a creative type.  She has 2 creative daughters too who I just love.  I hope Sim and I have kids like that, if I am able to have kids.  She makes bread and yogurt every week, crafts constantly, has a log fire and they even own VW campervan!  *sigh* I am so envious!  I shouldn’t be, but I am!

Before I can craft – and let me tell you now, this is NOT a tadaa post, although I am part way through making my costume for book day – I need to feel like there is space.  Like I can spread out my making.  Like I can b-r-e-e-e-e-a-t-h.

here I create, internet and do school work - in quite a small space!

Everywhere I looked there was stuff!

It was time to sort it out!


Once the kitchen work surface was sorted, after 13 months of thinking it was impossible – I set to work on the tupperware store. 

After throwing out 10 kept take away boxes from at least a year – I had space!

A much better use of space! 

Last but not least in the lounge, was the coffee table!  Or as I affectionately termed it in my head – the dumping ground.


This weekend I’ve collected 2 big carrier bags of belongings to go to the Charity Shop!  These include: 16 pieces of clothing (8 vest tops, 2 skirts, 3 tops, 1 dress, 1 jumper and 1 cardigan), a faded and battered and cracked fruit bowl, an unused drink bottle from my lunchbox, a lunchbox, 2 mugs, 8 books and some other things.  I like to collect things for charity regularly and try to take a bag of stuff at least once a half term but I have surpassed myself this time!  I will live a simpler life!

Welcome Autumn, I am ready for you now.


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