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Today I am going to take you on a bit of a trip.  Would you like that?  I thought so.  Get a nice warm drink and enjoy a trip behind closed doors.

No, not my flat, and nothing naughty – my classroom!  Not many people who aren’t working in a classroom, learning there, or collecting a child from it, ever see inside a classroom.  In fact, I often find myself making purposeful trips to see other classrooms in the building because I never see them and I work there!  So welcome to my Reception class so far.  I say so far, because classrooms are ever changing – displays every 6 weeks, toys all the time, and it’s all especially as we’ve had to move it to a vast open plan space.  Don’t be disappointed, it isn’t perfect, but from what it was we’ve come a long way!

This is the entrance from the main school, which the adults use and the kids use to get to the hall, but nothing else.  We have our reflection space here which is currently self portraits because our theme was “I’m Special!”

This is the view from our little kitchen and next to the toilets (glam!).  The stationery cupboard is on the left and the cloakroom on the right.  The other teacher’s “learning zone” is on the right, unseen by the camera.  My zone is right at the other end, with the window wall.  The door you see by the yellow and red display is the tiny walk in cupboard that houses all our resources.  Piles and piles of them. In fact everytime I go in I knock a box of something (normally dull of small pieces that scatter well) over.  I have resolved to adding another reason to reduce my bum size onto my list of reasons to slim.

From Left to right, toilets; Autumnal display; home corner.

Display to the right of my “learning zone”.  To the left is the messy area and sand and in between that and the entrance to the school a construction area.  To the right is my interactive white board (IWB) and computer, then a reading corner alongside the back of the cloakroom.  The other side of the cloakroom has a writing area and an inventing (creative) trolley sandwiched between the cloakroom and the other learning zone.

Self portrait display in my zone.

Kids drawers and to the right a learning station.

My domain!

My latest innovation – Sitting King and Sitting Queen!  I have a photo of each child sitting beautifully and once they’ve had their weekly turn (they don’t know it’s once a week!) I stick them on the board.  End of Friday it was full of them you see!

My view.  I’ve put sheer fabrics infront of the windows into the resource room so that it is less distracting and the green rectangles are the kids first attempt at writing their names!  I’m hoping to overlay once a term to show their improvement.  Hope springs eternal!  In fact I’ve just realised I’ve cut a poster in half, so I may have to move that one…

So there you are.  My home for the next year, which I hope will be for a long while after too.  As things evolve and displays change I hope to remember to update you.  Gosh you are lucky things! 

Hope you enjoyed your trip round my home away from home!


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5 thoughts on “behind closed doors

  1. It’s lovely! And so big and well resourced; you’re v lucky! 😀

    • Thanks! We’re getting there. It’s a nice space for 2classes – max 60children. We’ve got 42 at the moment, but I’m pretty sure it will expand! Thanks for the comment. Will try and keep updates uploaded! Take care. Z

  2. it looks wonderful 🙂 you’re obviously a fantastic teacher! hope all the little monkeys are settling in well.

    • *blush* you mean I’m a dab hand with a staplegun and some paper… My monkeys are very special (8/21 SEN!). But I’m beginning to love them as much as last year’s. Actually nothing will match that love as they were just the best ever first ever class.
      Miss our emails missus! You must be exhausted with those cuties! My heart melted when I read your blog!

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