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Top 10 – Reasons to be slimmer

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This has to be super quick as I should be in bed by now – what with school tomorrow.  Handily I have a Top10 ready and waiting in my notebook.  Reasons to slim:

  1. Knitting larger projects such as garments will be smaller if I am slimmer, and thus take less yarn (read money), time and effort.  Hurrah.
  2. my wardrobe could be full of the dresses I long to wear but don’t because my midriff overhangs my tummy, and knee high boots that fit over my calves without drowning my ankles. Bliss.
  3. The doctors could stop saying “well, if you lost some weight…” as the answer to everything.  Including tonsilitis… eh?
  4. I wont have any regret when I look back at my wedding photos that I didn’t slim down for my wedding.
  5. My self-esteem will improve.
  6. my fertility would improve.
  7. my clothes would take up less wardrobe space and Simon could use the wardrobe and not fold everything onto a chair – gamely claiming that he prefers it that way as it’s so much more accessible…
  8. I can buy myself yarn as min-goal presents.
  9. I would feel less embarrassed by myself when I went out. Bought clothes and had to use a changing room.  Went swimming.  Just in general.
  10. I would feel healthier.

So I best get on with it then…


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