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Long time readers (well done – cudos for perseverence) know that I am regularly battling with my inner insecurities and veering between cr@p accumulation and purging the stuff I have accumulated.

It’s partly because I spent most of my uni years trying to fit in with my more beautiful and skinnier friends.  For some reason I thought if I bought “stuff” I would get slimmer/more popular/turn one-night flirtations into relationships. Gotta love twisted self psychiatry. 

More recently, I have more (not maximum) self worth and often try to get rid of the feeling of being “suffocated” by stuff. I am not one of those people like on the telly who can move into or out of a dwelling/plot line carrying a rucksack and a small bag.  In fact when I moved in with Sim last summer it took 12 Picanto with seats down trips, 2 Golf with seats down loads and a half-full removal van for the larger items that went into storage.

Since then I have been trying really hard a) not to accumulate the stuff and b)not to spend money.  There are times, however, such as now, that although the satisfaction of being debt free is wonderful and liberating (and just 2 days old) I cannot help but get the envies.  Other people seem to have such disposible income!  Ah me, I wish I wasn’t such a jealous girl. And I mean girl, I am a spoilt little girl when it comes to this trait and I don’t like seeing its presence in me.

One of things I like to do now is choose really well made things that I will cherish and to plan what I want so I can steer my loved ones in the right direction.  Unfortunately I am now anticipating Christmas already!!  I know, I know it’s only September.  I am very lucky in that I have a family who love to bring me gifts.  Sometimes these gifts are very costly and, not that I don’t appreciate what they have bought me – the designer handbags I have are loved and well used, and only given with lots of love – however, I would rather that in the future they spent less money on buying me one of a kind handmade or vintage things.  I want to fill our flat with items that are cherished and adored, not necessarily the most amount of stuff possible as my previous self would have done.

To help me stop buying and start looking forward to buying things I thought I would run an occasional series entitled “wish list” to share the love with you, of course.

My current wish list, the Yellow Satchel bag:

A yellow satchel bag.  I don’t know why but I really think I would love and honour it, til death (of the baggy kind) us do part… I’m not known for my abundance of yellow but recently I’ve been drawn to it in yarn, fabric and clothes.  All through uni my favourite necklace was a wilma flintstone type plastic yellow bead necklace that went with my adorable and favourite pumps (also yellow) that reminded me of Minnie Mouse (note – am I trying to be a cartoon??).

This one is lovely but potentially too orange?? 

Ooh who knew the national gallery would provide such leather bag yumminess?

Mini Yellow Leather Satchel

I love the sunniness of this one. This is gorgeous too:

 Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Oxford University

However, this is the one I covet the most:

CcHA London - Lemon Miranda Satchel

One in stock(at 4.30pm on Friday) and £125.  Can’t afford it, but oh boy do I love it!!


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One thought on “wish list

  1. oooo. what a fab bag!
    you’re not alone on the stuff/guilt/jealousy/shopping cycle though… hmm. materialism; my personal demon 😉 i hate and love it at the same time.
    i think you’re right in that, when you choose something you really really 100% love, whether cheap or extortionate in price, you love it forever and it’s the best value item ever too.

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