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momentus money day


Today is a sad day as it marks the end of Sim and my joint leave and the start of the slump into September. We’re not ones for sun so the missing summer weather hasn’t really dulled our time together and I’ve enjoyed every moment.

We’ve drunk tea, 

read magazines together, pottered about, been away for a week with his family, been to the theatre, watched DVDs, spent nearly all day in our Pyjamas (oh – that was just me), knitted (read played with computers and wired for Sim),

played with fabric (ditto previous for Sim),

eaten lots of beautiful food, some dull food and decluttered the flat.  We’ve been for picnics and daytrips to the New Forest and done Weddingy stuff. 

SO much weddingy stuff!  We’ve given notice of marriage, Simon tried on a suit and I drooled. I’ve been knitting mughugs like noone’s business (I’ve done 12 in 4 weeks) and made 55m wedding bunting.  Plus I’ve spent HOURS preparing our wedding invitation information sheets.  Oh and the table name blurb.  And the placecards with the explanation of what mughugs are and that the mug is part of the favour. We went to a friend’s wedding evening reception and we’ve taken the bunny for his checkup.  But mainly, the best thing has been that we’ve been together.  All day everyday him and me, me and the boy.  Bliss.  Cider and magazines in bed with comments and cuddles on articles we read, DVD nights with the bunny jumping between us so excited that mummy and daddy are together, relaxed and available to jump on, and always lots of hugs, kisses and giggles. We really don’t want it to end.

Something else that has happened today has been that I have finally capitulated (cried) and asked Sim for help with my finances and we made the decision to use some of my meagre savings to clear my overdraft and credit card.  Today I had to buy my year pass of ferry travel and bus pass so I can get to work (£2400 in total!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and what with that and some bad money management it was all too much.  I had saved £1600 towards the travelcards so that helped.  What helped most was Simon was there to talk about it and help me through, and loaned me some money to clear the card. I am so lucky to be marrying him.


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4 thoughts on “momentus money day

  1. Love it. No matter what it takes, get your tea!

    – 2737bc
    Follow us for everything tea!

  2. Congrats on the wedding. You should check out our website and social media. We’re always looking to hear from tea lovers about what we should add to our tea line up.

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