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I often think if I spent less time on the internet/watching TV etc I would achieve more.  Well I suppose I proved myself right with this latest tadaa post…

We popped to the range (incredible cheap art supplies – not necessarily the most amazing quality but when you can get 100 coloured lollisticks for £1 you have to buy them – right? Oh, it’s just me…) yesterday and when we got back we had an entire lazy sunday afternoon with no plans!  Wonderful!  Sometimes I bake on these days, other times I knit to the background hum of the telly. Yesterday I sewed. 

The lounge/kitchen was covered with fabric, out came the ironing board and the iron, the dining table became the cutting table and the sewing machine gleamed as it chugg-chugg-chugged away.  *Sigh* bliss.  Especially when accompanied by a pot of tea, followed by a jug of filter coffee with my beloved!  Here’s my tadaas:

Guessed yet?  No I didn’t make any pots of nail varnish…

Of course!  It’s a drawstring bag (number 4!) for my nail varnishes and my nail varnish remover, and of course clippers.  I did it partly because I could, but also because I thought my just-4-yr-old nearly-stepson might be less tempted to play with them when he is using his wetplay toys in the bath (and boy, does he love the wetplay toys in the bath! Helicopter rescue with octonaut support from subsea level is the current game of choice!).

Then I made a housewarming for my friend Rah.  She’s just moved out of a house and relationship and I wanted her to have something I had spent love and time on – cos she is absolutely worth it.  She hasn’t got it yet, and doesn’t know about it, but I also don’t think she reads my blog!



and the back…

Then I made a cushion to sell (more about that later).  The front:

the back:

the front detail:


Yes it has been a successful sewing sunday.


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