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I’ve always been one for knitted goodness.  I think everyone deserves a little knitted goodness in their lives. Seriously.  Ok maybe anything handmade.  It feels good, is comforting and doing a bit for returning to wholesome values.  Anyway, I’m using this summer (really? anyone seen the summer?) to reacquaint myself with my sewing machine.  It’s proving a double edged thing really. Rekindling a new (and expensive) love affair with fabric.

So I did grabbed a bit of fabric and blanket stitched on an “S” for Sam (my 4month old nephew – Sim’s side).  Then in an effort to maintain equality of love between my neice and 2 next week neice – his sister.  I had to grab another piece of fabric and blanket stitch an f on it…

I used an envelope style so I didn’t have to do any fastenings and made sure the fabrics were washable (sister-in-law chucks everything in the washingmachine) and I happen to have a stash of Ikea cushion pads (fire prrofed and washable) I bought for only £2 (I think) each so had 5, well I think I’m down to 2 left, anyway – here’s what happened!

Not bad for 70 minutes work!  My brother thinks I should make a load and sell them on Etsy (well he said online).  I just don’t think anyone would buy them.  What do you think?


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