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tadaa! A new bag!

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Get ready for some serious photos.  I am so proud of myself with this tadaa!

I’ve fallen in love again.  My mum had my sewing machine (which I’ve had since I was 11 so 18 years now…) reconditioned and I’ve been using it again this week and wow it was love again.  (ok so the disengage for the bobbin has gone again but I’m hoping when Sim gets home he can do some jiggery pokery on it).  Oh we are having some good times.

There she is on my desk.  My laptop has been relegated to the coffee table so my FristerRossman can stay out in all her retro basic glory.  Ok she has now digital output/display, she has some pretty basic stitches and the thread catches behind the logo, here:

Yeah just in the bottom right where the thread goes back up to the top – but still when she chugs away just as the name says she is a star.

Chug chug chug – 8m of wedding bunting:

Chug chug chug another 16m of wedding bunting:

There it is in 2 separate piles a light blue set (8m for the top table) and a darker blue set (16m) which has lots of pretty fabric in that I forgot to photo, but it is lovely and I am proud of it and I can’t wait to see it at the wedding.  I shall make sure the photographer takes photos of it and the hugs looking all lovely and knitted at the wedding. Anyway back to the gorgeous feeling of rediscovering fabric and my ability to actually produce gorgeous things.  Practical gorgeous things.  My ideal being achieved – sorry if I am going on about it but one of my ideals is to handmake as much as possible for our nest and making it nice for us.  For some reason although I know I could do it, I’ve been afraid of trying it in case I fail. 

Today the awful bag we have holding the carrier bags in the kitchen finally pushed me over the edge when the string snapped:

See how it taunts me!  Practical yes, but the string, the shoddiness of the plastic, the branding – GAH! I had had enough!  So the bunting and wedding banners (and mughugs) to one side, forced Tony into the cage (I found nibble marks in my fabric that was enough to banish forever, but he did the cute ear thing and he’s out again now) and set to work:

I picked the fabric for the word and cut them out:

Created the slot for the drawstring:

Hand sewed the lettering on: machine the sides together and tadaa!

The lettering could have been better and the bag a bit bigger – but look at it in all it’s glory.  A nice sturdy fabric.  Zoed with fabric letters (I’ve borrowed the school stencils over the summer).  I just love it.





Lovely.  And should I ever need to do a PE bag for a kid at school – no problem.


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One thought on “tadaa! A new bag!

  1. LOVE that bag 😀
    glad sim’s nearly home.

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