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life’s full of surprises


Well what a lovely 24 hours I’ve had!

Last night I got home and in the post I had two exciting packages:

ooh lookey here!

The first was my new Ysolda book which I’ve had in e-copy, but my hard copy finally arrived!  SQUEE!

The other was my new mobile phone.  An htc chacha which is their equivalent of a Blackberry – I think I’ve fallen for it.  htc are as they tag themselves – quietly brilliant.  Couldn’t have put it better myself.  Today I made it a little cosy to keep it clean, scratch prevented and safe.  Everything deserves a little knitted goodness…

I made the pattern up myself using a mughug pattern!

Also on the subject of knitted goodness, I have the most amazing knitting friend in littletreehouse.  We’ve not even met, but through Ravelry we’ve chatted and she’s soothed me through spiritual and personal matters.  She is so dear to me.  I’m almost afraid to meet her because I’d become my tongue tied, don’t-look-at-me-i’m-fat self.  Anyway, she sent me a package (above) and guess what was inside??

A couple of months ago, she bought some yarn from me in one of my “I have too much stuff and no money” purges and bless her cotton socks, she’s only gone and made me my own gorgeous fingerless mittens with it!  She is truly the queen of random acts of kindness.

The last lovely thing to happen today, was that at knitting group they swap magazines round, and I never get quick enough to grab one but today I managed to grab Mollie Makes (which I’ve now subscribed too I loved so much, it’s crochet and fabric patterns plus interviews etc – yum!), and mum’s lent me Slimming World (as she’s recently joined and I think she wants me to too) and Wedding Ideas magazine, which I think is my favourite wedding one.

When I got back from my knitting group and day with mum (I go back to my home city for it on the first sat of the month) Sim had only done the bins, glass recycling (which has started getting massive due to my new love of cider), hoovering, bunny, washing up, washing and topup shop.  Oh and replaced the sink piping in the kitchen as it was leaking.  Then decided to make my current favourite supper – dippy egg and soldiers!

I am truly a lucky lady in so many ways.


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3 thoughts on “life’s full of surprises

  1. *blushing profusely*
    thanks for saying such nice things! and i’m on your blogroll! you’re so lovely 🙂

    i’ve subscribed to mollie makes too, it’s so lovely to look through, i always want to stop and make stuff straight away. delightful and frustrating in equal measures!

  2. i find the same with making magazine too! I’m only speaking the truth by the way – you are awesome, Don’t know how you manage to find the time to do everything!

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