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Blanket ta-daa!

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Ooh I do love a ta-daa post.  Today’s ta-daa is entirely satisfying because it uses up a whole hessian bag’s worth of aran, worsted, DK and chunky yarn that has been hanging around my world for too long.  You couldn’t see it in any of my stash photos (originally posted here , but my stash is now down to the yarn for my mug hugs, and the shoe tower- that is a little rammed, my special yarn basket that Tony sits on and 4 skeins of DK that I bought for a jumper for my new nephew, but now feel is a little old fashioned.  Not bad eh?  I am taking control of my stash!

So here is my Rose Garden granny square blanket. 



 It’s 67 inches from corner to corner.  It took 15 hours total to do, and used £72 worth of yarn, approx.  I didn’t buy it specially (*hyper ventialting”  I buy a lot, a lot of yarn, but recently I’ve been better at impulse buys, and I like to spend only £10-20 at a time, although my stash is probably worth close to a thousand pounds at a conservative estimate…).  Sim thinks I should put it on Etsy or it’s British equivalent Folksy but how much for?  Plus what about when the ends come out, or if people are disappointed with it!


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