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So today’s book review is on:

Look who it is!: My Story

Which my brother lent me.  I was a bit doubtful, not being a huge fan of either Alan, nor biographies – but I loved it.  I read it whilst commuting on the ferry and there’s nothing more proof positive that someone is an oddball than them laughing out loud whilst reading – and that was me.  I felt quite protective of him the next time I saw him  on the telly.

Also I’ve been doing more mughug wedding favours.  I can’t remember how many I’ve uploaded, but here’s a couple of photos of my favourite pattern so far.  Mistake Rib.  I nearly wrote broken rib, but that would be a whole other blog post.

Can you guess which I took in the morning and which at night??  So we’re up to a total of 7 completed by me, 9 by mum and 74 to go…


Author: Zoe

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2 thoughts on “books and hugs

  1. I’ve never fancied reading Alan Carr, but it’s funny how reading about a person and getting an insight into their life can give you a feeling of … friendship, protectiveness or understanding. Michael Caine was just another actor until I read his book and then I liked him. Good luck with the mug hugs… do they take long to knit?

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