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Of course I love my beloved, and my bunnyboy, but my other favourite things at the moment, in no particular order, are:

This fab website that I first encountered at the Country Living Christmas Fair.  I was disappointed by the fair in general, but not at all by the fabby people at the dotcomgiftshop!

A new magazine called Mollie Makes, that I can’t find in paper form, but love the blog of too…

Decluttering!  Sim’s at cashconverters as we speak with about 15 CDs and 5 DVDs – satisfying that I may get a few quid for them (not more than £4 I wouldn’t think, but I’m going to invest in lottery tickets with the money… you have to be in it to win it!).  I tend to donate about 2 large carrier bags of stuff to charity each month.  Mainly books I’ve read, shoes that hurt last time I wore them  and clothes that I think “for goodness sake you are taking up vital space in my closet and make me conscious of my lumpy tummy!”  so a few gadgets going to cash convertors doesn’t make me feel guilty.  Ok very guilty.

Stashbusting by doing a chunky yarn giant granny square blanket.  Sim reckons I should cost it up and sell it on etsy but I reckon I’m half way through with £48 on yarn and 8 hours working it I can’t see it being cost effective.

Sim just brought in £11.80 for my cds!  Yay!  You might think I’m being silly, but that is quite a lot to me seeing as it can go to 2 skeins of yarn, a new raincoat that I desperately need, or a taxi home after work, or the wedding!  Yay!

Right I’m off to pick a new phone as I am due an upgrade and I am about to embrace walking internet access – have a good afternoon!


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One thought on “current loves

  1. I love walking internet. I upgraded to a smartphone this month and it never leaves my hand…. sites, mail, message, diary, memo…. the things I do with it are amazing. I leave my notebooks at home now and just jot everything down on the phone. Love it.

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